Molecular basis of heterosis

tigerstedt at tigerstedt at
Sat Dec 15 07:52:37 EST 1990

I am interested in discussing with people about the molecular basis
of heterosis. I am surveying different databases in order to write a lecture
for the Nordic post-graduate course in plant breeding on the subject: molecular
and physiological basis of heterosis. I find a number of interesting articles
on the interaction of chloroplast and mitochondrial genes in heterosis. Also
there are good articles on the hormonal influence on heterosis in plants. So if
anyone would like to advise me on new articles covering the molecular basis of
heterosis I would be much obliged. Heterosis on the enzyme level? RFLP analysis
of heterosis? Complementation? Enzyme kinetics? etc.
Kind Regards, Peter MA Tigerstedt, Helsinki University, Dept of Plant Breeding.

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