Submitting of Sequence Data

Paul Gilna pgil%histone at LANL.GOV
Wed Dec 5 18:51:20 EST 1990

We neglected to include the fact that DDBJ also accept nucleotide and
their derived amino acid sequences under the same joint policy. Indeed we
would prefer if Japanese authors who use the NEC 9801 PC communicate
directly with DDBJ, as these machines use a version of MS-DOS that is
significantly different enough to render the discs unreadable on MS-DOS
computers here. The staff at DDBJ will forward the data to the appropriate
databank via electronic mail.

DDBJ may be contacted at: 

        ddbjsubs at

	DNA Database of Japan
	Center for Genetic Information Research
    	National Institute of Genetics
     	111 Yata
     	Mishima, Shizuoka 411

	(+81) 559 75 3651


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