Xray Crystallography

Wed Dec 12 11:11:37 EST 1990

In reply to the following query:
>Does anyone know where to get XRAY Crystallagraphy data on antibodies

Atomic coordinates for antibody structures derived from X-ray crstallography
are available from the Protein Data Bank.  You can order a tape directly
from the PDB or by downloading specific entries from one of the on-line
centers.  The latest PDB newsletter has the ordering instructions as well
as a list of the on-line centers. Please send your name and address to
pdb at bnlchm so that a copy of the newsletter can be mailed to you.  We currently
do not send this by e-mail but will be doing so in the near future.

enrique e. abola
internet: abola at pb3.chm.bnl.gov
bitnet:   abola at bnlchm

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