E-mail Database Server (In In English)

Sanzo Miyazawa smiyazaw at nig.ac.jp
Thu Dec 13 09:19:58 EST 1990

E-mail network server for DNA/protein databases is available at
	netserv at flat.nig.ac.jp

This site (flat.nig.ac.jp) is connected to the Internet with 64 kbps lines,
and so response time will be quite good if your site is also on the Internet.
Of course, this e-mail address can be reached via Bitnet, Csnet, Junet, 

One of characteristics in this database server is that it provides a function
of keyword serach over database entries such as author name, Journal name, 
and any sequence description. 

The following is a brief manual for this database server.

		FLAT DB E-Mail Network Server

						Sanzo Miyazawa
						Phone: +81 559 83 0025
						FAX:   +81 559 75 6240

E-mail address for the server:	netserv at flat.nig.ac.jp
E-mail address for inquiries:	sanzo.miyazawa at flat.nig.ac.jp

Following commands are available.

scandir db-name [options] 'keyword[|keyword...]'  'keyword[|keyword...]'...
	Scan directory files of the "db-name" database to find "keywords"
	and output entry names and their definitions; keywords should be
	expressed in the regular expression, that is,
		key-1|key-2 key3	means "(key-1 or key-2) and key-3"
	-i	case insensitive

scanjou db-name 'journal' 'yesr' 'vol' ...
	Scan journal index files of the "db-name" database to find specified
	journals and output journal names and corresponding entry names.
	Journal names in the command line are not case sensitive.

scanaut db-name 'Last-name,[First.Middle-Initial.]'
	Scan author index files of the "db-name" database to find specified
	author names and output author names and corresponding entry names
	with their definitions.
	Author names in the command line are not case sensitive.

scanacc db-name '#acc'
	Scan accession number index files of the "db-name" database to find
	specified accession numbers and output corresponding entry names
	with their definitions.

scandb db-name [-1] [-o] {['entry'...]|[-a '#acc'...]}
	Scan the "db-name" database to find specified entries or accession
	numbers and output those entries.
	-1	'Entry' or '#acc' may specify multiple entries in the DB.
	-o	The order of arguments is not significant; the order of entries
		output may not be in the order specified in the command line.

	db-name = ddbj | gb | gp | embl | swiss | pir | prf

	ddbj:	DDBJ DNA database; it is included in the GenBank and EMBL DBs.
	gb or genbank:	GenBank DNA database
			Regular release and new entries which are updated
			twice a day.
	gp or genpept:	GenBank Gene Product Database;
			protein database translated from GenBank DNA database
	embl:	EMBL DNA database including new entries
	swiss:	SwissProt protein database
	pir:	PIR protein database
	prf:	Protein Research Foundation peptide database

	Command names and others are case sensitive, unless specified.
	Output may be limited to 2400 lines.

   Commands must be written not at the "Subject:" field but in a mail. 
   ( "|" is not ";" but "bar".)

	scandir gb -i 'oncogene' 'human'		# oncogene and human
	scanjou	gb 'J. Biochem.|Biochem.' '1989'	#J. Biochem. or Biochem.
	scanaut	gb 'Miyazawa,S.'
	scandb gb 'AGMERLTR1'
	scandb gb -a 'M11391'

	scandir gb 'oncogene' | scandb gb	# get entries of "oncogene"

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