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Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Thu Dec 13 10:17:57 EST 1990

Some of you may be interested in the papers below.  They are from
a special series of 200 articles dealing with mathematics, biology,
and art.  I've listed some that have the most relevance to
biologists below.  Rather than have my electronic mail box swamped with
mail, if you want to have a copy of 1 or 2 titles on this list,
send me a hardcopy note, NOT an electronic note.

Pickover, C. (1990) Who Are the Ten Most Influential Scientists in
History?  The History and Social Science Teacher, 25(3):  158-161.
(The results come from a survey question posed to about 60 scientists.
How many biologists do you think made this list?)

Lakhtakia, A., Pickover.  C. (1990) Some observations on palindromic
numbers, J. Recr.  Math., 22(1):  55-60.  (Molecular geneticists are
often interested in palidromes.  This paper goes into some details about
palindromic numbers)

Pickover, C. (1990) Is there a double smoothly undulating integer?  J.
Recr.  Math., 22(1):  77-78.  (For those of you interested in genetic
sequences of the kind GCGCGCGC, this may have some relevance).

Pickover, C. (1990) The World of Chaos.  Sept/Oct.  Computers in
Physics.  4(5):460-470. (Briefly describes some work in chaos and
biology -- particularly in unusual fossil seashells.)

Pickover, C. (1990) A random walk through a digital garden.  Algorithm
May/June 1.4:  12-14.  (How to grow botanical forms using a computer.)

Pickover, C. (1988) Mathematics and Beauty XI:  A Sampling of Spirals
and "Strange" Spirals in nature, science, and art., Leonardo May 21(2):

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