Publishing electronic images

Cheung C. Yue ccy at po.CWRU.Edu
Wed Dec 5 17:23:10 EST 1990

In a previous article, Robert.H.Gross at MAC.DARTMOUTH.EDU () says:

>   Bill Sofer asks about submitting electronic images.
>   I have had success submitting images to NIH and NSF in grant proposals
>using digitized gel scans .....

    I have seen ads from Stratagene on a system to do such things.
I suspect they are using the Intel Visual Edge board for the HP
LaserJet which allows one to print 64 grey scale images on a Laser
printer.  Other companies have adopted the use of 64 grey scale
thermal printers from Mitsubishi.  I have yet to try any of these
solutions, but sample pictures from some of these outputs are 
quite decent.

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