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Geoffrey Brunkhorst gbb at WOZ.MAYO.EDU
Fri Dec 7 10:49:46 EST 1990

oivindb at\ivind Braathen) writes:
>  I work as a medical geneticist-in-training at the Institute of
>medical genetics, University of Oslo, Norway.
>  I am on the look-out for two types of computer programs, 

>preferably ftp-able from some site:
>  1) Programs for linkage calculations and/ or risk calculations,
>knowing markers/ recombination frequencies / prior probabilities
>of disease.
>  2) Graphics programs to draw pedigrees from basic family information
>(i.e. typed from the keyboard or put in a file).
> Programs to run under Unix would be of most interest, but
>also DOS-programs.
>  Any hint on where to get programs of this kind would be appreciated.
>  \ivind
I am forwarding this response for Dan Schaid, Ph.D. (Schaid at

- Geoff
In response to the request for information regarding computer programs for
medical genetics risk calculation and pedigree drawing, here are some
sources which should be helpful:

1) Genetic linkage analysis and risk calculations:

Several sources are available:
	a) Jurg Ott                              Tel. (212) 960-2504
	   Columbia University, Box 58           FAX  (212) 795-5886
	   722 West 168 Street                   EARN/Bitnet: Ott at NYSPI
	   New York, NY 10032

       I believe that Dr. Ott only supplies PC-based versions of LINKAGE
       program package, but does have available other genetic analysis
       programs, as well as a short course on how to use these programs.

	b) Dr. Mark Lathrop (now in Paris, and I believe his Tel. No. is
	 011-331-4249-9867) has personally written much of the LINKAGE
	 program package, and would be an excellent source of information
	 regarding what versions may be available other than PC-based.
	 His co-worker, Peter Cartwright, is a computer programer who
	 enhanced the programs to make them more user-friendly and I
	 believe that he has been working on VMS and UNIX versions. Peter is
	 currently at :
		Howard Hughes Medical Institute
		Research Laboratories
		University of Utah
		603 Wintrobe Building
		Salt Lake City, Utah 84132

2) Pedigree Drawing:

You can recieve a Macintosh program for pedigree drawing by sending an
800Kb 3.5 inch Macinttosh diskette, and a stamped self-addressed
diskette mailer to :

	Department of Genetics
	Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
	P.O. Box 28147
	San Antonio, TX 78284

A program disk with printed user guide (55 pages) is available
for $25 (International Air Mail), with check made out to SFBR
(C.O.D. not accepted)

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