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Dan Davison davison at MENUDO.UH.EDU
Mon Dec 3 15:05:18 EST 1990

> I read in one of the newsgroups about a list of free TELNETable internet
> adresses, which was available at the fileserver at the BITNET adress UNMVM.
> But when I send the command : GET INTERNET LIBRARY I get the
> following response:
> Summary of resource utilization
> -------------------------------
>  CPU time:       34.26 sec                 Device I/O:    95
>  Overhead CPU:    4.63 sec                 Paging I/O:     3
>  CPU model:       9375                     DASD model:  3380
> -------
> I seem to be using only CPU time, but I don't see any list.
> What am I doing wrong ? (am I doing something wrong ?)

Looks fine to me.  Two things you didn't mention.  First, the file is
over 5500 lines long, so it may take two or three days before you
receive it. Second, you are on the Internet; it may well be that a
gateway between you and UNMVM cannot handle files that large (it is
well outside the 300K BITNET file size limit).  

You may have to obtain it from some other source.


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