Linkage & pedigree programs

oivindb at oivindb at
Thu Dec 6 08:36:55 EST 1990

  I work as a medical geneticist-in-training at the Institute of
medical genetics, University of Oslo, Norway.

  I am on the look-out for two types of computer programs, 
preferably ftp-able from some site:

  1) Programs for linkage calculations and/ or risk calculations,
knowing markers/ recombination frequencies / prior probabilities
of disease.

  2) Graphics programs to draw pedigrees from basic family information
(i.e. typed from the keyboard or put in a file).

  Programs to run under Unix would be of most interest, but
also DOS-programs.

  Any hint on where to get programs of this kind would be appreciated.


\ivind Braaten,
Inst of medical genetics,
PB 1036, Blindern,
0315 OSLO 3,

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