Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Wed Dec 19 09:50:58 EST 1990

I recently appended a note on a novel method I am researching for
representing amino acid sequences.  I am also interested in suggestions
for on-line series of DNA sequences which are related in some way, in
order to test the power of the new graphic approach.  My methods involve
the use of graphic supercomputers to represent either DNA or amino acid
data.  Experiments indicate that the method is sensitive to certain
important patterns in the sequence of bases or residues and allows the
human observer to visually detect various important properties of
biological sequences.

I am sure that I will be looking for collaborators soon for the purpose
of research and publishing these unusual graphs, although I may first
wish to finish and submit a paper introducing the method applied to
something already well known such as a cyotchrome C series.
Once I submit the paper, I'll be happy to send preprints to potential

Thanks, Dr. Cliff Pickover

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