BioBit No 13... er No 12a (THE BIG PICTURE)

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at PRESTO.IG.COM
Fri Feb 2 16:18:54 EST 1990

Hi Mike, er Rob, and the rest of you out there!

	For those who desire to send in comments and are not on
BITNET, be sure to add a ".bitnet" to the HARPER at FINFUN address, i.e.,

	We are always interested in getting feedback from BIOSCI
users.  There are several ways that we can improve BIOSCI as Rob hints
at in his article, but we are currently operating within the confines
of bridging a variety of computer systems and networks.  This requires
us to take a "lowest common denominator" approach.  However, as Rob
will explain in upcoming issues of BIOBIT, there are better ways of
doing things and the software to implement an improved system is
already available in the public domain for both VAX/VMS and UNIX
systems.  The issue of improving BIOSCI is not a technical one, but
instead a matter of politics, e.g, between readers and their computer
systems managers.

Dave Kristofferson
GenBank On-line Service Manager

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