Natl. Center for Biotech. Info. bulletin board ?

Don Gilbert GilbertD at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Wed Feb 7 15:31:33 EST 1990

I read in a recent issue of Genomics (6:389) a program description for the 
_National Center for Biotechnology Information_. This center is located in 
Bethesda MD as part of NIH.  One of the things these folks are working on 
is a software toolkit for molecular biology that has as goals (1) finding 
sequence similarities, (2) simultaneous multiple alignments, and (3) 
sequence motif construction and pattern matching.  This center also does 
basic research in computational molecular biology, fosters communication 
about computers in molecular biology and genetics, and other useful stuff.
They are supposed to have an electronic bulletin board called BITS 
(Biotech. Information Toolkit Software) which is available via Internet 
and "serves as a forum for exchange of information on software development 
for molecular biology applications". This sounds interesting.  Has anyone 
here heard of this, and is it indeed available via Internet?
-- Don

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