Plant protection expert systems/Plant Nematodes study leave

T.M. Stewart TStewart at
Thu Feb 8 17:19:02 EST 1990

To all readers...

I have been granted a seven week period of overseas leave from my
University and wish to spend some time in the UK and Continental Europe
meeting and exchanging research ideas with fellow academics/students.

My research interests are:

Integrated plant pest and disease management, in particular the
application of expert systems in this field.

Biology of Root-knot nematode, in particular the cereal root-knot
nematode Meloidogyne Naasi.

If anyone reading this is working in these areas (or knows of someone
who is) and would be amenable to a visit please drop me a line via e-
mail and I'll send more details about myself and the trip.


Terry Stewart
Lecturer in Plant Health
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand

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