Codon tables wanted

John Obrien x4089 obrien at kcdev.UUCP
Sun Feb 18 23:58:42 EST 1990

I would also like to have information about codon frequency tables.
I have sent letters to several agencies looking for sources for these
or even if they existed at all.  No responses.  This would fit well
with the research I have been putting together for several years. In
fact it is about the last stumbling block I have left. I am esp.
interested in Human codon freq., but will take whatever is available.
When I get my idea all together I hope to publish it on the Net, and
get everyone's opinion.  I have an ID on HGML, and a copy of GenBank
52.0 to work with, but have not been able to get the C programs from
LosAlamos to work yet on my Unix-PC.

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