Important New Services from the GenBank!

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Feb 20 19:25:43 EST 1990

We are pleased to announce two important new services from GenBank
which are available both to interactive users of the GenBank On-line
Service (GOS) and to others via e-mail server or anonymous FTP.

		       New GenPept    Data Bank

The GenPept data bank of translated protein coding regions went
on-line on GOS for IRX access on February 9th and is now also
available for FASTA searching via the FASTA-MAIL server and for
sequence retrieval via the entry retrieval server.  Detailed
instructions on using both of these servers follows in the next
message (posted only to BIONEWS; this message is being cross-posted to
the GENBANK-BB and HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM newsgroups in addition to
BIONEWS).  GenPept is also available by anonymous FTP from
GENBANK.BIO.NET, but will NOT be distributed on magnetic tape.  FTP
instructions will be posted in the second follow-up message on BIONEWS

GenPept is available in two categories.  The current main release is
composed of translated reading frames from of all GenBank Release 62.
Note that only reading frames that have been officially reported and
documented in each GenBank sequence entry's annotations (pept in the
features table) are included in GenPept which is derived using the
translation program by Fickett for this purpose.  In addition to the
main release, a set of GenPept "new data" is updated daily, derived
from new annotated nucleic acid sequence entries received each day
from our GenBank colleagues at Los Alamos National Labs.

		Cumulative Weekly Update file for FTP

A new file was added to the anonymous FTP directory (actually starting
a few weeks ago) which contains all of the new GenBank, EMBL, and
GenPept data since the last public release.  Prior to this, only
weekly data files were available.  It often happens that, during the
course of working on new sequence entries, revisions are made to
entries.  If this occurs during the same week, then the previous
version of the entry was removed from the weekly update file.
However, if a revision comes in more than a week after the original
entry is received, a revised entry with the same accession number will
be found in a subsequent weekly update file.  The new cumulative
update file is revised daily as new data comes in.  It is available
for anonymous FTP from GENBANK.BIO.NET in compressed format only
(using the UNIX compress utility).  Details on how to retrieve this
file will be posted in the follow-up message on FTP instructions to
the BIONEWS newsgroup.

We hope that these new services will be of value to the community.  We
will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding


				David Kristofferson, Ph.D.
				GenBank On-line Service Manager

				kristoff at

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