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Author: kristoff @GENBANK.BIO.NET
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Subject: Software postings to BIONEWS (bionet.general)

%Date: 17 Jan 90 17:40:59 GMT
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There have been quite a few postings to BIONEWS (bionet.general) along
the lines of

"Is there a program that does ....?"

lately.  I would just like to remind everyone gently that we have a
bionet.software) that is dedicated to these types of questions.

People sign up for specialized newsgroups to avoid getting deluged
with mail on other topics in which they are not interested.  We would
appreciate it if BIOSCI users tried to post their messages to the most
appropriate newsgroup.  

A few years back when readership was still small there may have been a
point in trying to post to every group in existence, but this should
no longer be necessary to get a response to your query.  Posting to
additional or inappropriate newsgroups only becomes a nuisance to
others who receive multiple copies of the same posting or mail on
unwanted topics.

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation.  I recently posted a
listing of the various BIOSCI newsgroups but would be happy to send
another copy to anyone who requests one.

				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank On-line Service Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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