Neural Network Conference, Call for Papers

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Fri Jan 12 01:30:31 EST 1990

                              CALL FOR PAPERS

                              MAY 11--13, 1990

Sponsored by the Center for Adaptive Systems,
the Graduate Program in Cognitive and Neural Systems,
and the Wang Institute of Boston University
with partial support from 
The Air Force Office of Scientific Research

This research conference at the cutting edge of neural network science and
technology will bring together leading experts in academe, government, and
industry to present their latest results on automatic target recognition
in invited lectures and contributed posters. Invited lecturers include:

JOE BROWN, Martin Marietta, "Multi-Sensor ATR using Neural Nets"

GAIL CARPENTER, Boston University, "Target Recognition by Adaptive 
Resonance: ART for ATR"

NABIL FARHAT, University of Pennsylvania, "Bifurcating Networks for 
Target Recognition"

STEPHEN GROSSBERG, Boston University, "Recent Results on Self-Organizing 
ATR Networks"

ROBERT HECHT-NIELSEN, HNC, "Spatiotemporal Attention Focusing by 
Expectation Feedback"

KEN JOHNSON, Hughes Aircraft, "The Application of Neural Networks to the 
Acquisition and Tracking of Maneuvering Tactical Targets in High Clutter 
IR Imagery"

PAUL KOLODZY, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, "A Multi-Dimensional ATR System"

MICHAEL KUPERSTEIN, Neurogen, "Adaptive Sensory-Motor Coordination
using the INFANT Controller"

YANN LECUN, AT&T Bell Labs, "Structured Back Propagation Networks for
Handwriting Recognition"

CHRISTOPHER SCOFIELD, Nestor, "Neural Network Automatic Target Recognition 
by Active and Passive Sonar Signals"

STEVEN SIMMES, Science Applications International Co., "Massively Parallel 
Approaches to Automatic Target Recognition" 

ALEX WAIBEL, Carnegie Mellon University, "Patterns, Sequences and Variability:
Advances in Connectionist Speech Recognition"

ALLEN WAXMAN, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, "Invariant Learning and
Recognition of 3D Objects from Temporal View Sequences"

FRED WEINGARD, Booz-Allen and Hamilton, "Current Status and Results of Two 
Major Government Programs in Neural Network-Based ATR"

BARBARA YOON, DARPA, "DARPA Artificial Neural Networks Technology
Program: Automatic Target Recognition"

CALL FOR PAPERS---ATR POSTER SESSION: A featured poster session on ATR
neural network research will be held on May 12, 1990. Attendees who wish to
present a poster should submit 3 copies of an extended abstract 
(1 single-spaced page), postmarked by March 1, 1990, for refereeing. Include
with the abstract the name, address, and telephone number of the corresponding
author. Mail to: ATR Poster Session, Neural Networks Conference, Wang
Institute of Boston University, 72 Tyng Road, Tyngsboro, MA 01879. Authors
will be informed of abstract acceptance by March 31, 1990.

SITE: The Wang Institute possesses excellent conference facilities on a
beautiful 220-acre campus. It is easily reached from Boston's Logan
Airport and Route 128. 

REGISTRATION FEE: Regular attendee--$90; full-time student--$70.
Registration fee includes admission to all lectures and poster session, 
abstract book, 
one reception, two continental breakfasts, one lunch, one dinner, daily 
morning and afternoon coffee service. STUDENTS FELLOWSHIPS are available.
For information, call (508) 649-9731. 

TO REGISTER: By phone, call (508) 649-9731; by mail, write for further 
information to: Neural Networks, Wang Institute of Boston University, 72 Tyng 
Road, Tyngsboro, MA 01879.

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