JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet
Thu Jan 4 13:06:00 EST 1990

        I must also agree that the suggestion sounds nice. It may prove
very useful, but... Also, there is a problem with the risk of getting a
lot of unwanted messages. This may even we worst than it sounds. If you
fill all your available disk space quota, some systems won't accept and
will return other (possibly valuable!) messages; moreover, some lists
automatically dispose of your subscription if a message to you is returned
to avoid re-distributing returned messages.

        Anyway, my impression is that it won't be usual to receive such
lots of messages and, that it is natural for other people to try to dis-
cuss with you opinions, problems, etc... as well as it is a good habit
to answer them. But you have the risk of overcrouding your mailbox sometimes
and it will most probably happen when you need full communications the more
(such as just after publishing a paper).

        The obvious solution is to pay more attention to your mailbox
under such circunstances and to try always to be so explicit as not to
generate questions. But, who can do this???

        Well, I am prone to the BIONAUTS idea, as far as all we know the
problems it may generate and want to make our best to avoid those problems
with a conscious use of this exciting e_mail tool

                J. R. Valverde
                School of Medicine
                Dpt. of Biochemistry
                Univ. Autonoma, Madrid. SPAIN

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