Instructions for running LDBASE

"Robert Harper ", Finland HARPER at finfun.bitnet
Thu Jan 18 05:13:00 EST 1990

There is a rather comprehensive document called LISTDB MEMO
which covers the workings of the LDBASE programme for querying
the BIOSCI notebooks at IRLEARN. To obtain this memo you should send
the following line in the main body of a mail message to LISTSERV at FINHUTC


You will then receive a file which gives more than ample information
on all the nice things you can do with LDBASE (as mentioned in BioBit 12)
(Note there in *NO* "." between LISTDB and MEMO... mainframe IBM is weird)

-=ROB=- %% Robert Harper %% HARPER at FINFUN %% HARPER at CC.HELSINKI.FI %%

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