Leiden Course in Molecular Genetics

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                Advanced Course in Molecular Genetics
           Applications in Medicine and Medical Biotechnology
                        May 28 - June 1, 1990
                Sylvius Laboratory, University of Leiden

This course is the joint initiative of the Medical Genetics Centre South-
West Netherlands (MGC) and Biotechnology Delft-Leiden (BDL) and is part
of a series of Advanced Courses organized by BDL. The subjects treated

 - (Computer-aided) sequence analysis
 - Introduction of foreign genetic material
 - Genetic diseases and their diagnosis
 - Modern protein techniques.

The course is organized in morning lectures by MGC staff members and
outside experts, afternoon demos and practicals and evening lectures
by invited speakers.

The course is aimed at post-graduates (M.Sc., Ph.D.) in the life sciences
or related areas, especially at those already employed in industry or
health care.

        For further information, please contact:
        Dr. L.A. van der Meer-Lerk,  Tel: 31-15-782342
        Kluyver Laboratory for Biotechnology
        Julianalaan 67  -  2628 BC Delft - The Netherlands
        Tel: 31-15-782342
        E-mail: RCSTBRA at HDETUD1.BITNET

    or: Dr. H. van Ormondt,  Tel: 31-71-276294
        Sylvius Laboratory
        PO Box 9503 - 2300 RA Leiden - The Netherlands
        E-mail: WMBORMOND at HLERUL52.BITNET

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