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Wed Jan 3 10:44:47 EST 1990

The National Institute of Health's Human Genome Program is
planning to start a newsgroup for the disucussion of
genome-related issues.  Information on how to subscribe

Jane Peterson
National Center for Human Genome Research

             How to Receive HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM messages

The HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM newsgroup can be received anywhere in the
world via USENET under the USENET name bionet.molbio.genome-program.

For those who need to receive messages by regular electronic mail
instead of through USENET news software, there are four distribution
points for the HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM newsgroup depending upon your
geographical and network locations:

1.)  If you reside in the Americas, to subscribe to the
     HUMAN-GENOME-PROGRAM bulletin board, please send a message to the
     Internet address

     biosci at

     This address also serves American BITNET users.

2.)  If you use the European Academic Research Network (EARN) and
     live in Continental Europe or Ireland, you can subscribe automatically
     to the newsgroup by sending a message containing the line

     SUBSCRIBE GNOME+PR your_personal_name

     to the address


     (for example, SUBSCRIBE GNOME+PR Chris Smith).  The Subject line of
     the message should be left blank.

3.)  If you reside in the United Kingdom, please send your
     subscription request to

     biosci at

4.)  If you reside in Scandinavia (or in Continental Europe and have
     Internet access), please send your subscription to

     biosci at

If you do not fall into any of the above categories you may contact
whichever of the above sites is most convenient.

                Posting Messages to the Bulletin Board

Once you have chosen your distribution point, you may post messages by
sending to the bulletin board address at that site.  Note below the
shorter addresses used for BITNET/EARN/JANET sites.

Location                              Posting address
--------                              ---------------
Americas / Internet format:           human-genome-program at
Americas / BITNET format:             gnome-pr at
Ireland  / EARN format:               gnome-pr at
U.K.     / JANET format:              gnome-pr at
Sweden   / Internet format:           human-genome-program at

USENET news software users may post messages on their local computer
to bionet.molbio.genome-program (set distribution to "world") and let
the software handle distribution details.

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