Program Parsers for IBM-PCs

JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet
Sun Jan 14 09:45:00 EST 1990

        Try downloading LEX. It is a tool much similar to YACC available in
UNIX also. You can get it from SIMTEL-20 archives through TRICKLE. It is on


It comes with a manual, executables and several examples. To download it, just
send a message by FTP or a e_mail containing simply the line


        You can get further help on how to access the P.D. files on SIMTEL20
archives by sending to the same address a message containing


        Hope this helps.

        For the rest of the people, my apologies for sending this to the net,
but I have some problems sending to the U. K.

                J. R. Valverde
                Dpt. of Biochemistry
                School of Medicine
                Univ. Autonoma, Madrid. SPAIN

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