BIONAUTS (... the half time scores)

"Robert Harper ", Finland HARPER at finfun.bitnet
Fri Jan 12 05:30:00 EST 1990

Well it really is surprizing how fast E-mail travels and how quickly
you can get responses from different parts of the world. I have receivd
many replies and most of the letters also included some short words of
encouragement. Enclosed are short clips from some of the letters I have

This morning I also received a DIRECTORY for Plant biologists from the
CLASS-L list from William Day, which stated...
Updated edition of PLANT TAXONOMISTS ONLINE ( 18 January, 1990 )
      Please help distribute copies of this directory to other
      Plant Taxonomists.
and also a complete list of E-mail address's for various HERBARIA... so it
look like there is some movement afoot... now where would you get a
complete list of E-mail address's for people working on the Human Genome
project... or contacts at NIH... or network address's of molecular
biologists in the UK... where even would you begin to look for them???
BIONAUTS could be the answer.

The BIOSCI newsgroups have to have over 50 positive votes before a new
distribution list can be created. Originally I had intended to set up a
seperate LIST at FINHUTC, but considering the interest shown in the
past few days it might be good to integrate BIONAUTS into the BIOSCI
network. So if there are any "LURKERS" (wonderful word that) out there
who have still not sent YES for BIONAUTS to HARPER at FINFUN then do it NOW.
(Sorry about the hard sell but that is the way you have to do it if you
want things done).
===No 1  NORWAY
Great idea!  We're at least 4 or 5 people here in Oslo, Norway
who would appreciate this.
====No 2  USA
I like the idea very much. Good luck.
UCLA Dept.of Biological Chemistry, LA, CA
===No 3   SPAIN
Hi Rob,
I also think that a list of "biological" e_mail addresses is a good
idea. Let me know if you finally decide to go on.
===No 4 Cambridge UK
Something that is long overdue!!!!
===No 5 London UK
Good idea.
===No 6  Birmingham UK
(Many UK VAXes are not well set-up for including subject lines recognised
by normal mailers).
===No 7 Germany
Hi Rob,
  I don't think you should make your decision (whether to install a
BIONAUTS list or not) dependent on the number of comments you receive.
I can't believe that so many more people were asked when other lists
have been installed. As you know (I found your name in the SEQNET
database) lots of people sent their adresses to the experimental
database " in the old days of SEQNET" 1988. And I think that when
this BIONAUTS list is introduced the number of subscriptions will
be nearly the same as in BIONEWS. The aim to subscribe to BIONEWS,
METHODS and all the others is in my opinion the same as to subscribe
BIONAUTS namely to get more informations about news in science and
the scientists.
Hopefully more people give their "YES for BIONAUTS".
===No 8 Germany
It would be a great idea ...
Inst. of Med. Virology
University of Giessen, West Germany
===No 9  Italy
Well, a slight transgression to your suggestion of putting YES in the subject
line, but I just wanted to say that it sounds like a good idea to me, I think
it's exactly what the field of networker-life scientists needs
===No 10 Greece
I think it is a great idea.
Best wishes for the new year,
===No 11 USA
There are many lurkers out there.  I am one of them, but I do at least
use such services once in a while, when the quality is sufficiently
high.  In the interest of enhancing quality, I will gladly contribute.
Department of Biology
Princeton University

Rob "chance favours the mind prepared" Harper

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