Did you say BIONAUTS...

"Robert Harper ", Finland HARPER at finfun.bitnet
Wed Jan 10 07:35:00 EST 1990

Well there have been quite a few responses to BioBit No 12 regarding the
setting up of a BIONAUTS list. Here are some of the comments so far.
(The names have been removed to protect the innocent:-)
============No 1
        If you really are keen to take this task upon yourself 8-)
Good luck!  I wonder how many may have read all the way through the
initial technical description and saw your request though.  You might
want to repost your call for addresses in a more prominent message.
=============No 2
Dear Rob, I have just seen both your BIOBIT suggestion for
a Who's who and the Bionews note. I certainly like very much
that idea, at least while working DIRECTORIES are still
==============No 3
Absolutely one of the things we need.
Another one I dream about is a real list of lists, I mean a list of
lists that:
1) contains every interest group (if it's possible) on the networks
(including UUCP, Fido, and I don't know what strange new net)
Good luck with your Bionaut Project.
===============No 4
I think it would be great to be able to identify local people who
are network knowledgable biologists. (On the other hand, it might
be depressing to discover that there is nobody...)

It looks like "how to do it" manuals are often unread and I am reminded
of the following quote...

"...Then anyone who leaves behind him a written manual, and likewise
anyone who receives it, in the belief that such writing will be clear
and certain, must be exceedingly simple-minded..."
Plato, _Phaedrus_ 275d

It struck me that there had been many different interperatations of
what I said in BioBit No 12 regarding BIONAUTS.  So I had better make
a clear statement of what I think it should be, and how it could be

1)  BIONAUTS would be a list situated on a LISTSERV. It would
    contain information on scientists who work in molecular
    biology, biotechnology, microbiology, or any related life
2)  The information would be "non-sensitve" meaning that it would
    be similar to the type of information found in a phone book.
3)  The information would be available to all the members who are
    SUBSCRIBED to the BIONAUTS list. It would provide lists of
    network addresses, telephone and fax numbers, postal
    addresses, as well as give descriptions of each members
    particular area of expertise. The information would be aimed
    at helping scientists making contacts on electronic networks.
4)  To enter the data in BIONAUTS each and every subscriber would
    have to send ONE mail messages containing their personal data
    to the LIST. A BLANK form would be sent to every subscriber
    to facilitate the entry of their data, and to ensure that all
    entries have a similar format.
5)  The BIONAUTS list would be searchable using the LDBASE
    utility already available on the network.

    At the moment I have not received enough replies to warrent
    the setting up of a list... so if you missed out the first
    time around, but still want to do something about it then
    drop me a message at HARPER at FINFUN with YES for BIONAUTS
    in the subject line. If I get sufficient votes then I will
    see about arranging something... and if I don't then the time
    is still not ripe for BIONAUTS.

    Rob "you mean to say a Bionaut will one day
         have the same status as an Astronaut...
         sign me up Wilbur..." Harper

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