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			      Call for Papers


		    The Fourth International Conference on
 			     Genetic Algorithms

The Fourth International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA-91),
will be held on July 13-16, 1991 at the University of California - San Diego
in La Jolla, CA.  This meeting brings together an international community
from academia, government, and industry interested in algorithms suggested
by the evolutionary process of natural selection.  Topics of particular
interest include: genetic algorithms and classifier systems,
machine learning and optimization using these systems, and their relations
to other learning paradigms (e.g., connectionist networks). Papers
discussing how genetic algorithms and classifier systems are related to
biological modeling issues (e.g., evolution of nervous systems, computational
ethology, artificial life) are encouraged.
Papers describing significant, unpublished research in this area are solicited.
Authors must submit four (4) complete copies of their paper, postmarked by
February 1, 1991,  to the Program Co-Chair:

    Dr. Richard K. Belew
    Computer Science & Engr. Dept. (C-014)
    Univ. California - San Diego
    La Jolla, CA   92093

Electronic submissions (LaTeX source only) can be mailed to rik at
Papers should be no longer than 10 pages, single spaced, and printed using
12 pt. type. All papers will be subject to peer review. Evaluation criteria
include the significance of results, originality, and the clarity and quality
of the presentation.

Important Dates:

	February 1, 1991:	Submissions must be postmarked
	March 22, 1991:		Notification to authors mailed
	May 6, 1991:		Revised, final camera-ready paper due
	July 13-16, 1991:	Conference dates

ICGA-91 Conference Committee:

	Conference Co-Chairs:	Kenneth A. De Jong, George Mason University
				J. David Schaffer, Philips Labs

	Vice Chair and Publicity: David E. Goldberg, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

	Program Co-Chairs:	Richard K. Belew, Univ. of California at San Diego
				Lashon B. Booker, MITRE

	Financial Chair:	Gil Syswerda, BBN

	Local Arrangements:	Richard K. Belew, Univ. of California at San Diego

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