My apologies

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.BIO.NET
Fri Jul 6 15:52:49 EST 1990

Sigh ... can't even win when I'm being contrite these days!  As was
gently pointed out to me, I meant to say "tongue-in-cheek," not
"check" (must be a Freudian slip on payday).  Looks like
"foot-in-mouth" was more appropriate.  The joys of being in the public
eye ... next thing you'll know I'll fall down some stairs getting off
the plane to D.C.

TGIF and hope to see some of you in D.C. at BIO-MATRIX or the NIH next
week!  I will be accessible by e-mail for BIOSCI/GOS business during
the latter half of next week, but don't know yet about access to the
net while at our George Mason U accomodations.

Keep smiling, 8-)


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank On-line Service Manager

				kristoff at

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