Solbournes for biocomputing

David Jones davjon at
Wed Jul 4 14:42:19 EST 1990

Is anyone using Solbourne servers for biocomputing applications?
We are interested in buying a Solbourne 5/602 as the central
server for a new biocomputing lab but as the machine is fairly
new to the UK, we haven't been able to find anyone else using
it for applications similar to ours. We will be using it to
serve various workstations (including Irises), and for general
protein sequence/structure analysis - alignment, database
searching, simulations, general programming, and to run
Oracle for our work on relational protein databases. The raw
performance figures look great, the multiprocessing seems
a major advantage for our work (a mix of interactive and
fairly intensive batch processing), but there could be
some specific problems that we cannot envisage.

Has anyone got any definite opinions on Solbournes in this
field? I'd be grateful for any responses (by E-mail

P.S. I'm told there is a Solbourne mailing list - could
someone tell me how to subscribe (if there really is one!).

Many Thanks!

- David Jones -
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