Biomatrix panel of electronic facilitation of scientific communication

Larry Hunter hunter at
Tue Jul 3 12:51:37 EST 1990

Just to expand a bit on David Kristofferson's posting:

David's talk on bionet at the Biomatrix meeting (George Mason
University, July 9-11) is part of a panel on the potential and the
challenges of electronic scientific communication.

The panel is looking not only at the marvels of databases, email and
bulletin boards, but also at some of the more problematic issues
involved.  Pat Morgan, the managing editor of Science, will discuss
some of the difficulties that even major journals have with electronic
publishing.  Mary Berlyn, of the E. coli Stock Center at Yale, will
discuss her often painful experiences in trying to bring a public E.
coli gene map and strain database to fruition.  Sam Ward will discuss
the generally more positive experience of the C. elegans community
with electronic data sharing, and try to explain why it is working for
them.  Roy Rada, from the University of Liverpool, will discuss
technical innovations in computer supported group work in biology.
And Chris Fields, from New Mexico State University, will discuss how
electronic communication can increase the participation of non-US
researchers in the scientific mainstream, as well as rapidly convey
relevant scientific results to third world countries.

The biomatrix community has been pursuing lofty goals with respect to
electronic support of biological research for some time now.  This
panel is an opportunity to look at some of the accomplishments of our
increasing electronic interconnectivity, as well as to identify some
of the challenges that arise when the dazzling promises held out by
techno-optimists meets the pragmatic reality of how science is
actually done.  

I hope to see many of you at the meeting!

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