The Prague connection

BASEL at utoroci.bitnet BASEL at utoroci.bitnet
Mon Jul 9 07:16:00 EST 1990

Experimental electronic mail services are now available from and to 3rd
Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Europe.
At our modern and enthusiastic faculty, a new subject, IMMUNOLOGY, will
be teached from the next academic year. The students will be educated
at 5th semestr of their studies.
If anybody has any TEACHING MATERIALS which are not in use, such slides,
videotapes, books etc. he/she/they will be most appreciated to send them
to Czechoslovakia for educational purposes.
Any comments on teaching immunology in a most modern and update way are
also invited. Your experience could help us in these days.
Contact address: Dr. Milan Jira, 3rd Medical Faculty, Charles University,
            Srobarova 48, 100 42 Praha 10, Czechoslovakia
            Fax #: 422-2351911 or 422-266503 or 422-2320878-9
                     ( quoting the address above )
            Electronic mail (temporary connection, kindly supported by
            the friends of the faculty): To: BASEL at UTOROCI (Bitnet)
                                         Subj: Milan

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