e-mail contacts in eastern europe

Fri Jul 13 07:09:00 EST 1990

Fellow netters,

   Our son will be spending the fall semester, his junior year
in college, in Budapest, Hungary studying Eastern European History.  

   Does anyone know of any contacts in Biology, Molecular Bio,
Biochemistry or Genetics at any University in Budapest? 

   We will be visiting him there in October during my Sabbatical
at the MRC in Cambridge and I'd be happy to give a seminar
describing our work on the Human Genome Project and oncogenes
as well as discussing other common research interests (mine also
include tRNA) with interested collegues.

   On this trip we also will be visiting Prague, Czechoslavakia
and Zagreb, Yugoslavia.  Contacts there also would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

	Bruce A. Roe
	Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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