Retrieving archive notebooks from LISTSERV at IRLEARN

Mon Jul 9 02:28:00 EST 1990

I've recently received a request for instructions on how to retrieve
material from the bionet.journals.contents newsgroup archived by

Here are the instructions ...

The BIOSCI Bio-Journals distribution list corresponds to the
bionet.journals.contents newsgroup.  Postings to this list
are archived by LISTSERV on the EARN node IRLEARN.

In principle, the archive includes the current month and the
previous month.  In practice, the archive includes six or more
months previous to the current one.

Postings are archived in monthly "notebook" files.  These are
standard VM/CMS files, whose file name is the same as the local
distribution list name, and whose file type indicates the year and
month.  The last four characters of the file type are formed from
the two-digit year number and the two-digit month number.

For example, the notebook file for the Bio-Journals list for
January 1990 is called "BIO+JRNL LOG9001".  To retrieve this file,
you should send the command

        GET BIO+JRNL LOG9001

in a mail message to LISTSERV at IRLEARN.UCD.IE.  No other text
should be included in the mail message.  A SUBJECT field is not
necessary, and will be ignored.

An equivalent mail address for LISTSERV is LISTSERV at IRLEARN.BITNET.

*                                                                    *
*  Do be sure to send mail to LISTSERV, and not to the list itself.  *
*                                                                    *

Best Regards,
Niall O'Reilly

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