New Access to GenBank Services!!!

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Mon Jun 25 20:47:34 EST 1990

Previously the GenBank On-line Service (GOS) user agreement restricted
GOS account access to only one registered user, i.e., the person whose
name was on the account.

*** We are happy to announce that this restriction has been lifted! ***

Those of you who have expressed an interest in obtaining a joint GOS
account along with other users will be happy to know that this is now
permissible.  The only remaining usage restriction is that the person
whose name is on the account bears the responsibility for the proper
use of the account (e.g., making sure that network use regulations are

GOS prices remain as before although you can now spread the cost
around over more users.  If you would like an application packet,
please send your regular mailing address (not your e-mail address!) to

			 gos at

A description of GOS features follows.


		 GenBank Online-line Service Features

****	New Solbourne Computer 
A powerful 80 MIPS (million instructions per second) Solbourne
superminicomputer will be used for all aspects of the new GenBank
On-line service.  A 1000 base query sequence can be compared against
all of GenBank in about 12 minutes using the FASTA similarity
searching program (see below).

****	Daily Updates of the GenBank, GenPept, and EMBL Databases
Users can now retrieve and search the latest GenBank and EMBL sequence
entries.  A database (GenPept) containing translations of all
annotated open reading frames in GenBank is also available.  "New"
databases of recent GenBank, GenPept, and EMBL entries are updated
daily with data supplied by Los Alamos National Laboratory and the
EMBL.  Both the IRX and FASTA programs search these new entries.

****	Fast, Indexed, Annotation Search and Entry Retrieval
The IRX software from the National Library of Medicine is used to
provide fast retrieval of database entries by any combination of words
within the entry annotations.  Sequences identified by the program may
then be downloaded using the Kermit protocol or saved to the user's

****	Similarity Searching Using FASTA
All of the above databases may be searched using the FASTA program
written by William Pearson.  The TFASTA program which compares protein
sequences to the nucleic acid databases in up to 6 reading frames by
translating at runtime is also available.

****	Electronic Communications and Bulletin Boards (Newsgroups)
Users with accounts on the GenBank On-line Service computer can use
its electronic mail facilities to communicate at no cost with
colleagues worldwide.  Access to the numerous USENET newsgroups is
available.  Questions on a wide variety of subjects can be posted for
an international audience.  Of primary interest for the GenBank
community are the BIOSCI newsgroups which cover subjects such as
laboratory methods, journal contents, protein analysis, NIH funding
announcements, and biological software.

****	Access to the IntelliGenetics Suite of Programs
For an additional fee, Class II users will also have access to all of
the IntelliGenetics Suite of molecular biology sequence analysis
software and the databases which are distributed with that software.
This software provides a comprehensive range of functionality and is
described in a separate enclosure.

****	Connection  by Public Data Network or by Internet
The GenBank On-line computer can be accessed by the Telenet Public
Data Network using a modem and phone lines or, for users that have an
account on a computer with access to the Internet, by interactive
connection using the TELNET protocol.

		       User Class Descriptions

Two different classes of login accounts exist on the GenBank computer
and are referred to as Class I and Class II accounts as described
below.  In addition certain services are provided at no charge for the
community at large through either anonymous login to the GenBank
computer or by electronic mail server.

Both non-profit AND for-profit users may access the GenBank On-line
Service.  The same fee structure applies to both types of users
(contact us as indicated below for details).

>>>>	Services available to Class I (basic) time-sharing accounts

  **	Private login account with 1 Mbyte disk space.
  **	Daily database updates.
  **	Unrestricted access to databases through the IRX program.
  **	Interactive and batch use of FASTA and TFASTA similarity
	search programs.
  **	Access to worldwide electronic mail communication and all
	USENET newsgroups including the 21 BIOSCI (bionet.*) newsgroups
	specializing in topics for molecular biologists.
  **	61.5 connect hours of above services with extra time billed on
	an hourly basis.

>>>>	Services available to Class II  time-sharing accounts

  **	All of the Class I services.
  **	Access to all IntelliGenetics Suite programs and databases.
  **	50 connect hours of IntelliGenetics Suite program usage with
	extra time billed on an hourly basis.

>>>>	Services available at no cost

**Limited 7 min. IRX sessions to download database entries.**  
To use this anonymous access, dial into Telenet and use "c
genbank,genbank" with the Telenet password "4nigms" to connect to the
GenBank computer.  Then use the GenBank username "genbank" with the
password "4nigms" to log into the public account.  You will be placed
into the IRX program automatically.  Access is also possible by the
Internet.  "TELNET" to the computer "" and log in with
the GenBank username and password given above.

**FASTA similarity searching by electronic mail.** 
To get instructions for using the FASTA Server, send an e-mail message
with the command "help" in the body of the message to the Internet
address "search at".

**Sequence retrieval by locus name or accession number through an
electronic mail server.**
Instructions are available by sending a message similar to the above
to the address retrieve at

**Daily/Weekly updates of GenBank, GenPept, and EMBL by anonymous

For further information please call GenBank at 415-962-7364, send
e-mail to gos at, or write us at

GenBank On-line Service
c/o IntelliGenetics, Inc.
700 E. El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040

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