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June 21, 1990

Dear Colleague:

Ms. Etha Lohay-Kibasa, the Park Warden in Charge of Arusha National Park, 
Tanzania, has approached me with the request to help her arrange a study tour 
of National Parks in the United States.  

I got to know Etha while I was working at the Gombe Stream National Park and 
Mikumi National Park in Tanzania from 1974 to 1976 and I have maintained 
contact with her since that time.  Etha was the second female graduate of the 
Mweka College of Wildlife Management and is one of the more exceptional people 
I have met during my field research.  She is dedicated, hard-working 
empathetic and completely devoted to conservation.  She is a friend of 
scientists and conservationists with unquestionable loyalty: When the 
guerrilla's from Zaire attempted to capture Dr. Jane Goodall, Etha was one of 
the people taken into custody; she had machine guns placed at her temples and 
was told she would be killed if she failed to reveal the location of Dr. 
Goodall.  She told the guerrilla's that Dr. Goodall was not at the camp (she 

I would like to help Etha make contact with our National Park Service and 
develop the contacts within our country that will help her to more effectively 
preserve what I feel one of the most beautiful spots on the earth, Arusha 
National Park.  If you can provide information on appropriate funding 
possibiilities, suggestions for contacts, or would be willing to help put 
together a funding package for Etha, please reply to this message. 

Etha is moderately facile with the English language and, of course, with 
Kiswahili.  If you feel you might be able to help connect her with the 
conservation community, you might write to her directly.  Her address is:

Etha Lohay Kibasa
Park Warden in Charge
Arusha National Park
P.O. Box 3134


Dennis R. Rasmussen, Ph.D.

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