Interested in Constructivism

Jack Campin jack at
Tue Jun 19 12:03:06 EST 1990

Solomon Yusim wrote:

> Is there any interest out there in the role of constructivism (both
> personal and social) in human sciences?  This would apply to psychologists,
> philosophers, linguists, AI people, and many others.

That went to sci.logic, among other places.  I don't think logicians are
going to understand Solomon's request the way he intended;
"constructivism", to them, being an approach to the philosophy of
mathematics.  I think what Solomon has in mind is called "personal
construct theory", some flavour of psychology I've never had any interest
in.  To check: Solomon can find an introduction to the logicians' idea of
constructivism in Michael Dummett's "Intuitionism" (Oxford University
Press).  Come back if we're talking about the same thing; somehow I doubt

I think us logicians bagged the word first.

[ Incidentally, the line "Followup-To: poster" in that article
  will have sabotaged most followup attempts.   Not a good idea. ]

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