Half day seminar

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Tue Jun 5 04:57:00 EST 1990


   Half Day Seminar at the

   British Library in London

   on 10 JULY 1990

   (Time: 9.30 am - 1.00 pm)

   Includes sessions on:

   -Microbial Strain Data Network (Dr Chris Coulson,

   -SEQNET - network for molecular biologists
     (Dr Alan Bleasby, SERC Daresbury Laboratory)

   -GENSEQ - database of patent nucleic acid sequences
     (Tim Miller, Derwent Product Development)

   -Online bibliographic databases (Dr Rupert Lee, British

   -Bibliographic databases on CD-ROM (Phil Bradley,
     Silver Platter)

   For more information please contact:

        Sunil Nandi or Martin Pinnell

        Post: British Library Biotechnology Information Service
              25 Southampton Buildings
              London WC2A 1AW

        Telephone: 071 323 7293, FAX 071 323 7930

        JANET Email: mbsn at uk.ac.daresbury.dlvh

        Telecom Gold:  75:0093

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