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International Study Group on
acting chairman: Dr. Hans V. Westerhoff

Amsterdam, 29 June 1990       FROM:
                           Dr Hans V. Westerhoff
                           Acting chairman ISG Biothermokinetics
                           Netherlands Cancer Institute, H5
                           Plesmanlaan 121
                           NL-1066 CX Amsterdam
                           THE NETHERLANDS
                           ph: +31 20 5122536, FAX: +3120 172625
                           BITNET: HW at VAXH.NKI.NL

Dear Colleague,

      Please find appended the second announcement and
preliminary program of the 1990 Biothermokinetics meeting, as
well as the final registration form.
      We have attempted to cover various aspects of
biothermokinetics in this program.  We stress that most of the
BTK program will be between-the-talks and hence between-the-lines
of this program; there will be much discussion and the duration
of the formal presentations will be limited.  The "market"
sessions are designed to further stimulate this.  All posters may
be presented additionally in a brief oral presentation.  After
each poster viewing period there will be a round table discussion
of the posters.  In the oral-presentation program, there are some
open slots to be filled at the last moment by participants with
exciting results.
      As usual, the Biothermokinetics workshop is a no-budget
meeting.  Consequently, the conference cannot pay for travel,
registration, or board for the participants, including the
persons mentioned on the program below.
      However, anyone who would like to come, but cannot do so
because of financial limitations, should register and mention
this problem IN RED (specifying which part of the costs (s)he
cannot raise her/himself) on her/his registration form.  We will
divide the limited funds we have over these people and will let
them know as soon as possible, what our support may amount to.

                                   Best Greetings,

                                   Hans V. Westerhoff


phone:   +31 20 512 2536
FAX:   +31 20 172625

                    SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT:

                 4th BioThermoKinetics Workshop

                  August 31 - September 2, 1990


                         The Netherlands

The International Study Group for BioThermoKinetics (Acting
Chairman: Hans V. Westerhoff) organizes its 4th workshop on
Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Control Analysis of Biological

The meeting is a satellite to the 6th European Bioenergetics
Conference.  It starts friday (August 31) afternoon at 14h00, and
ends sunday (September 2) afternoon at 17h00.

Scientific Program:

Oral presentations:
I.Regulation and Control; theoretical and experimental
(Barrett, UK: Control of carbohydrate catabolism); (Kacser, UK:
Time dependent control analysis); (Sen, USA: Graph methods in
control analysis); (Cardenas, France: High sensitivity and
cascades); (Kahn, France: modular control analysis); (Irvine,
USA: Regulation of the immune system)

II.Cooperativity and coupling:
(Hendler, USA: cooperativity and coupling in cytochrome
oxidase); (Azzone, Italy: coupling and slip); (Malatesta,
Antonini, Sarti, Italy: ); (P. Nicholls, Canada: A critical view
on oxidase models)

III.Dynamics and thermokinetics
(Cortassa, Argentina: MNET and glycolytic oscillations); (S.
Brown, UK: Control of proton flow through the flagellar motor at
varying potentials); (Pietrobon, Italy: thermokinetics of
regulated channels); (Berman, South Africa: slip in the Ca++-
ATPase); (Walz, Switzerland: Thermokinetics of lac permease);
(Venturoli, Italy: Surface charge effects on thermokinetics of
protons and electrons in chromatophores); (Kell, UK: nonlinear

IV.Dynamics, structure and motion
(Caplan*, Israel: Dynamics of the bacterial flagellar motor);
(Hol*, NL: The energetics in molecular dynamics)

V.Microbial growth and evolution
(Van Dam, NL: Control and thermodynamics of microbial growth);
(Snozzi, Switzerland: Microbial growth kinetics: data and
models); (Niederberger, Switzerland: flux control in yeast's
tryptophan pathway); (Heinrich & Hoffman, DDR: control theory and
evolution); (Pallson, USA: Linear optimization and hybridoma

Additional speakers will be selected from the participants.

A.Computer programs ("market")
(Sauro, UK; Fell, UK; Blommestijn, NL; Mazat*, France; Bennett,
UK; Mendes*, Portugal, Irvine, USA; Mikulecky, USA; Cornish-
Bowden, France; Yoshida*, USA; Holzh%tter*, DDR; Colosimo*,

B.Analytical methods for biothermokinetics ("market")
(S. Shuster, DDR; Kahn, France; Mikulecky, USA; Kacser, UK;
Pallson, USA; Aon, Argentina; Bohnensack*, DDR; Reder*, France;
Heinrich, DDR; K. van Dam, NL, H.V. Westerhoff, NL)

C.Problem solving
(Anyone is asked to come and present a quantitative biological
problem; all others are challenged to attempt to help in solving

A round table discussion on "channeling", local domains, etc.
will be organized

There will be additional poster sessions to cover these and other
biothermokinetics topics.  All posters can be presented in a two-
minutes oral presentation before the viewing period.  Posters
will be discussed plenarily after the poster viewing period.

*: not confirmed

      Leeuwenhorst Congress Center, Langelaan 3, 2211 XT
Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, some 30 kms southwest of
Amsterdam and its international airport, Schiphol.  The center
can be reached by telephone (+31 2523 78888), FAX (+31 2523
77106) and telex 41885.  Sport facilities are amply available.
The beach is at walking distance.
      "Standard accomodation" (with "standard registration") is
single room, shower and toilet, from friday afternoon till
sunday afternoon.

If there is sufficient interest, we shall arrange for
transportation from Schiphol airport friday at 12h00 (from
arrival hall, meeting point).  Train travellers take the train to
Schiphol station (at the line Amsterdam-Leiden), then go into the
airport building and proceed to the arrival hall.
(i)by plane: fly into Schiphol airport, take a train to Leiden
(30 min), then a cab to Leeuwenhorst, or bus #60 at 8 h23 and
9h23 (takes 35 minutes).  At other hours, this bus still leaves
at 7 to and 23 minutes past the hour, but then you should exit at
the stop at the factory DMN and make a 20 minutes walk. Or,
continue the train ride to The Hague and take bus #90 as
described below.
(ii)by train: from Amsterdam, The Hague, or Rotterdam to Leiden,
then as above.  Or, take the train to The Hague, then bus# 90
(leaves at 9 past and 21 to the hour during the day) and get off
at bus stop Leeuwenhorst Center.  Cross the road and take the
path opposite the bus stop.  Or take the train to Haarlem and
take bus# 90, which leaves (during daytime) 8 minutes to and 22
minutes past the hour. Get off at bus stop Leeuwenhorst and take
the path at the stop.
(iii)by car:  From Amsterdam take A4 then A44 southwest, turn
off at exit Noordwijkerhout/Sassenheim.  Drive past the sign
Noordwijkerhout and from there follow the signs "Congrescentrum".

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