Electronic biology journals?

JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet JRAMON at emduam51.bitnet
Thu Mar 22 11:48:00 EST 1990

Another point of view:

        In my opinion this raises some problems not addressed before.

        Transmission of high quality images supposes a lot of data. Many
readers won't have enough space for handling them and, moreover, they
impose a severe burden on the net and on transmission times (not too
important if published with an acceptable time lag).

        Other matter is controlling access to the journal. Either it is
freely distributed in the net, or you had to download it from a server
that could take account of it. Interesting.

        As pointed out, a table of contents could be freely sent. Then
you could ask for the paper wanted to a server, thus diminishing most
costs. A list should prove useful for this.

        With respect to images... Initially it could be restricted to bare
line drawings, needing not then a digitizer, but only a good graphics
program. BUT (and this is important) you must consider that not every one
has now access to a graphic terminal, or a suitable graphics program. As
a matter of fact I am now writing from a DEC-VT100, how would I see them
then?. An still lots of communication programs emulate this kind of ter-
minal, an VT52 or any other character based terminal.

        And, if it is not freely distributed, how do you avoid piracy?
Any one receiving a issue can re-send it to every one. And I suppose that
publication costs of such a journal would not push many people to distri-
bute it freely.

        May be, it can be better starting with papers that contain no
drawings. They could be posted as received, read by everyone, smaller,
and cheaper.

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                Dpt. of Biochemistry
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