Artificial Limbs

Andrew MacLean biometal at
Thu Mar 8 18:23:51 EST 1990

This notice is for Steven Mathers. I have been unable to get any mail 
through to you.
Sorry about that, anyways, here is my mail to you...

Hi there. I too am interested in artificial limbs. I am currently
working on a material for use in an upper limb prosthetic device.
My research led me too an article:

   Electrochemically Driven Muscle Like Actuators
   IEEE Ninth Annual Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology
   Society 1987
   P. Chiarelli, G.Genuini, and D.De Rossi

This is the only article that I have found so far. If you receive any
information at all, please forward it to me. Also, if there is anything
else that I can provide for you, please let me know.

(Just as an aside, look into Shape Memory Alloys, or NiTinol...)

Andrew MacLean
Systems Design Engineering
University of Waterloo

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