kenneth bromberg BROMBERG at snybksac.bitnet
Sun Mar 18 23:23:08 EST 1990

I have just started using BITNET and I'm curious how many people are actually i
nvolved with these lists.  When I requested the people on the lists I didn't ge
t any people, but rather, I got what looked like distribution set-ups at diffe
rent branches of the university.  I noticed tat IRLEARN seems to have most of t
he biotechnology groups.
     I am a pediatrician interested in congenital infections.
     I am particularly interested in congenital syphilis ( we have a lot of tha
t in New YOrk City right now).  Are these research lists the place to find peop
le interested in these areas?  I use western blotting techniques for IgM detect
ion, immunofluorescence staining for T. pallidum detection, and I am working on
making DNA probes for slot blot detection.  Many of these techniques should ap
ply to other congenital infections as well.  I am also involved in rapid diagno
sis of RSV and B. pertussis using immunofluorescence.
     Where should I sent these sorts of messages to link up with people with si
milar interests.  I look forward to some direction,

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