PCR Cyclers

Thu Mar 8 16:14:00 EST 1990

In our lab at the NRC, we decided on a Coy TempCycler (COY Lab
Products, Ann Arbor Michigan (313-663-1230)) for several
reasons e.g. cost.. approx $3000 Cnd (Ican't remember exactly), methods
of heating and cooling (thermo-electric with servo motors which
lift the cooler/heater to the block),
the lack of requirement for a dedicated ("Haake-type") cooling bath
for the cooling cycle, and we liked the specs for heat/cool rates.
It has a fair number of cycles.. ours has 8 programmable profiles
which can hold up to 9999 cycles from 1 sec to 99 hr (they've just
increased this with the new model).  I can't say much more other than
it works...

Hope this helps...


      John Nash  < BITNET:  NUM208JN at NRCCAD.NRC.CA >
      Division of Biological Sciences,
      National Research Council of Canada,
      Ottawa, Canada.

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