Drosophila stock list available

gilbertd at iubio.bio.indiana.edu gilbertd at iubio.bio.indiana.edu
Sun Mar 18 22:11:12 EST 1990

  IuBio archive now carries current IU Drosophila Stock Center stock
  lists.  You can obtain this list via anonymous ftp as follows:
    % ftp iubio.bio.indiana.edu
    ftp> User: anonymous
    ftp> Password: myName at myHost   (or guest)
    ftp> cd [.fly]
    ftp> get flylist.txt
    ftp> bye

  If you do not have ftp access and need this list, contact K. Matthews (see 
  below). Here is an section of the fly.readme:

      Flylist.txt contains a list of all of the Drosophila stocks carried by the
Indiana University Drosophila Stock Center (IUDSC). Deficiencies.txt contains
a list of the deficiencies carried at IUDSC, sorted by breakpoint. Both files
are comma delimited ASCII files derived from Paradox tables (Paradox is a
PC-based relational database management program from Borland). Each row of the
table contains information on one strain. The five fields in each row are, from
left to right: 1) Stock Number, 2) Genotype, 3) Chromosome Number(s), 4)
Breakpoints, and 5) Comments. Data within a field are enclosed in quotation
marks. In some cases, cytological information on non-rearranged genotypes is
included in the Breakpoints field. The list still contains some entries in
non-standard terminology, typos, and incomplete cytological information. If you
find errors in genotype or cytological information, I would appreciate you
pointing these out. I will update the posted Flylist as I improve my version,
and as new stocks are added to the collection. If you have trouble using this
list, or have questions or comments about the stock center, call me (Kathy
Matthews) at the telephone number shown below. 
      If you have Drosophila strains you would like to place in the stock
center, please contact me. Although I decide what to take on a case by case
basis, in general we do not collect the products of saturation screens. We are
happy to have generally useful rearrangements (especially deficiencies),
representative alleles of characterized genes, balancers, mapping chromosomes,

      IUDSC can be reached in the following ways: 

          Voice-mail                   812-855-5783
          Electronic-mail              MATTHEWK at IUBACS.Bitnet
          Telex                        272279 INDIANA U BLOM
          Telephone                    812-855-5782 (Kathy Matthews)
          Mail                         Kathy Matthews
                                       Dept. of Biology
                                       Indiana University
                                       Bloomington, IN 47405

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