Hybridization Ovens

eberhardt at MAYO.EDU eberhardt at MAYO.EDU
Thu Mar 8 14:18:36 EST 1990

Yesterday, a message came over the wires about HYBAID hybridization ovens,
giving their address and extolling their qualities.  For the information of
everyone out there:

     The aforementioned HYBAID hyridization ovens mentioned above are
manufactured in the United States under a licensing agreement with
BELLCO BIOTECHNOLOGY, Vineland, NJ 08360, TEL: (800) 257-7043 (USA);
(800) 22-0227 (NJ), (800) 445-7051 (Canada).  All components, supplies
and service are readily available.  In addition, BELLCO carries a complete
line of molecular biology instruments.

Norman Eberhardt
eberhardt at mayo.edu

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