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L.A. Moran lamoran at
Mon Mar 19 10:35:50 EST 1990

Dennis akme (hakme at  La Trobe Uni. Australia) writes;

>Does anyone have any cDNA sequences for chaperonin proteins, or hsp60 and 70 
>(especially those with methionine bristles)?
>Thanks in advance,
>			Dennis Hakme.

     I assume that you are referring to the methionine bristles that are 
found in the 54K subunit of signal recognition particle (murine) and in an
unidentified E. coli protein, ffh (fifty-four homologue). The predicted 
amino sequences of these proteins suggest that they contain M-domains
which consist of amphipathic alpha helices in which the hydrophobic face
consists mostly of methionine residues. (Bernstein H.D. et al. 1989, Nat. 340,
482; Rothman, J.E., Nat. 340, 433 (News and Views)).

     The members of the HSP70 family of proteins do not contain such a 
domain. There are no clusters of conserved methionines in BiP, hsc70, hsp70,
or the mitochondrial HSP70. There are no examples of repeats which contain
methionines followed two positions later by arginine or lysine. The predicted
amino acid sequences of some of the members of the multigene family contain
carboxy-terminal repeats of the motif GGMP but these cannot form alpha 

     We have published a consensus sequence of HSP70's derived from analysis
of over 60 different sequences (see Nicholson, R.C. et al. 1990, PNAS 86,

     I hope that this information is helpful.

-Larry Moran


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