Genes, Proteins and Computers conference.

M. Watts usm at
Thu Mar 1 05:26:57 EST 1990

                   GENES PROTEINS & COMPUTERS

                An International Conference on

	         Chester, UK 18-20 April 1990

Scientific Programme: There will be six plenary sessions, a poster
  session and an industrial exhibition. Topics covered include the
  Human Genome Project, sequence analysis, structure analysis,
  applications of computer architectures and novel software technologies/

Contributions are invited for poster presentations on these topics.

Details of the conference fee, accomodation charges etc, are available on
For further information contact: G.P.C. Secretariat, (or David Brown),
SERC Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington WA4 4AD, UK.  Tel. 0925-603235 or

Fax: 0925-603195
                 DJB at UK.AC.DL.DLGM
                 XJ at UK.AC.DL.DLGM

Chester Conference Schedule

Wed 18th April

11:00 Registration
12:00 Lunch

Chairman H. Sherman
13:30 P. Pearson:  Hughs Project & Linkage Analysis
14:15 R. Roberts   The Human Genome Project and Computing

15:00 Tea

16:00 Commercial Exhibition & assembly of posters

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Commercial Exhibition (cont) & Sherry reception
      Opportunity to examine posters

Thu 19th April

08:00 Breakfast

Chairman M. Bishop

09:00   J. Wootton:      NLM
09:45   J. Thierry-Mieg: Physical Genome Mapping: The C. elegans database

10:30   Coffee

Chairman A. Bleasby

11:00   R. Fuchs:   EMBL/EMBNET
11:45   3x15min talks from authors of best posters

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Poster session attended by authors

16:00   Tea

Chairman A. Coulson

16:30    A. Bleasby:  SEQNET
17:15    J. Collins: Database Searching Methods
ends at 18:00

19:00    Conference dinner
20:30    Further opportunity to examine posters

Fri 20th April

08:00    Breakfast

Chairman J. Thornton

09:00  T. Blundell: Structure from Sequence
09:45  S. Wodak:    Brugel

10:30  Coffee

Chairman D. Osguthorpe

11:00   D. Moss:     Parallel Computing
11:45   S. Gardner:  An Order-Based Database for 3D-scan
12:05   N. Paton:    Object oriented databases for protein structure
End of conference talks

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Open-ended CCP working session

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