SEB Meeting: Warwick March 19-23, 1990

Julian_Dow at Julian_Dow at
Thu Mar 8 04:29:24 EST 1990

     SP Society for Experimental Biology
     TY Conference
     ST Monday 19/3/90
     EN Friday 23/3/90
     CS November 1989
     CL Late registration at meeting possible
     LO University of Warwick, UK.
     CO SEB,Burlington House,Piccadilly,London W1V0LQ
        Tel. 01 439 8732 FAX 01 287 4786
     SO Dr. Julian Dow (GBAA02 at UK.AC.GLASGOW.VME)
     TI Control of cell division in plants and animals
     TI Molecular chaperones in protein targetting
     TI Thermal biology
     TI Ion transport - cells; general
     TI Environmental physiology of fruit and seed production
     TI Regulating processes in ion exchange
     TI Animal molecular biology
     TI Biomechanics of flight
     TI Photomorphogensesis
     TI Modern methods in endocrinology
     TI Function of carbonic anhydrase
     TI Calcium, oxygen and cell damage
     TI Endo/exo-cytosis and vsicle traffic in plants
     TI Photosynthesis and respiration
     TI Plant molecular biology
     TI Ion channels, receptors and second mesengers
     TI General respiration
     TI General Osmoregulation
     TI Fish production
     TI General neurobiology
     TI Biomechanics of implants and prostheses
     TI Gene expression in cultured cells
     TI Molecular plant pathology
     TI Plant movements
     TI Recent advances in endocrinology
     TI Experience and development of neural spatial maps
     TI Artificial oxygen carriers
     TI General biomechanics
     TI Fluorescent probes in osmoregulation research
     TI Metabolism and osmoregulation
     TI Central reflex modulation during locomotion

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