Electronic biology journal?

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at PRESTO.IG.COM
Fri Mar 9 21:10:59 EST 1990

> My opinion is that, given editors to collect and prepare the notes,
> a combination electronic newsgroup and archive would suit the 
> needs of an electronic journal.  It is unlikely that subscribers
> would want the entire contents funneled thru their e-mail boxes,
> but table of contents and possibly abstracts could be distributed
> to subscribers as a newsgroup or e-mail list.  Full contents of reports
> could be placed in an archive that would serve people wanting the
> details of an article.


	Tables of Contents from several Journals are already being
distributed on BIO-JOURNALS and it would not be a tremendous problem
to add abstracts.  I have in fact explored putting up abstracts with
several publishers so far, but the answer that I got was that it was
more expense than they were willing to absorb.

	I would be happy to add the TOC and abstracts if available to
the BIO-JOURNALS distribution.  The matter of archiving the rest of
the text I would leave up to you.  I will send you the format
guidelines for BIO-JOURNALS by separate mail.

Dave Kristofferson

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