GPC Conference. Final Reminder

AJB at AJB at
Thu Mar 29 06:11:00 EST 1990

Chester, UK
18th-20th April 1990

This is a final reminder for prospective delegates at this conference.
The conference is NOT intended for computer scientists but for anyone
associated with molecular biology. Its aims are to show software tools
that are currently (and will be) available to facilitate research in
this field and how they are being used.

Topics included are:
     The Human Genome Project
     National Library of Medecine
     Sequence Analysis
     Structure Analysis
     Applications of Computer Architectures
     Novel Software Technologies and Algorithms

Details of the conference fee, accomodation charges etc., are available
on request.

For further information contact:
   GPC Secretariat,
   SERC Daresbury Laboratory,
   Warrington WA4 4AD, UK
   Telephone (0925)603235 or 603305


The schedule for the conference appears below.

Chester Conference Schedule

Wed 18th April

11:00 Registration
12:00 Lunch

Chairman H. Sherman
13:30 P. Pearson:  Hughs Project & Linkage Analysis
14:15 R. Roberts   The Human Genome Project and Computing

15:00 Tea

16:00 Commercial Exhibition & assembly of posters

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Commercial Exhibition (cont) & Sherry reception
      Opportunity to examine posters

Thu 19th April

08:00 Breakfast

Chairman M. Bishop

09:00   J. Wootton:      NLM
09:45   J. Thierry-Mieg: Physical Genome Mapping: The C. elegans database

10:30   Coffee

Chairman A. Bleasby

11:00   R. Fuchs:   EMBL/EMBNET
11:45   3x15min talks from authors of best posters

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Poster session attended by authors

16:00   Tea

Chairman A. Coulson

16:30    A. Bleasby:  SEQNET
17:15    J. Collins: Database Searching Methods
ends at 18:00

19:00    Conference dinner
20:30    Further opportunity to examine posters

Fri 20th April

08:00    Breakfast

Chairman J. Thornton

09:00  T. Blundell: Structure from Sequence
09:45  S. Wodak:    Brugel

10:30  Coffee

Chairman D. Osguthorpe

11:00   D. Moss:     Parallel Computing
11:45   S. Gardner:  An Order-Based Database for 3D-scan
12:05   N. Paton:    Object oriented databases for protein structure
End of conference talks

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Open-ended CCP working session

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