Sequence analysis package for IBM VM/CMS

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Fri May 4 22:24:24 EST 1990

/I am trying to set up a DNA/Protein sequence analysis software on our
/University IBM 3081 or IBM 3090 running VM/CMS since our Computer Centre
/does not have a VAX (!).
/So far, I'm not having much luck in identifying a reasonably comprehensive
/package that can run on VM/CMS.  If anyone knows of one, I would be grateful
/if you could let me know as we are tired of doing for overnight runs on
/our PCs (They are fast 386s but still...).

        I can't help you with VM/CMS software, but I might be able to save
you from overnight runs comparing your sequences to DNA or protein
sequences in the databases. Both GenBank and EMBL provide database
searching services via email for no charge. You send them your sequence,
they do a Fasta or quicksearch against their database, and send you the
results. From this site (Toronto, Canada) it takes about a half hour to get
the results back from GenBank of a complete DNA database search during the
day. To get more info, send the one word message HELP (in the body of the
text, not the subject line) to

quick at embl.bitnet
fasta at embl.bitnet
search at

        Hope this helps.

Steve Clark

clark at  (Internet)
sinai at utoroci            (Netnorth/Bitnet)

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