Save Dr Moneim Attia!

Michel Jorda JORDA at frsun12.bitnet
Thu May 3 01:32:14 EST 1990

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Dear Listmembers:
Latest news from KHARTOUM revealed that the military regime detained Dr
Moneim ATTIA, whom you all know as a diligent and hardworking
scientist. Dr ATTIA had been arbitrarily detained during the first week
of January 1990. He has been subjected to torture both physically and
psychologically. There is a growing fear about his health and safety
since no one is allowed to visit him and his family has no knowledge
about the place in which he is kept.

The treatment of Dr ATTIA violates the convention against Torture and
other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the
Covenant of Civil and Political Rights. It also violates the U. N. Body
of Principles which prohibits torture under all circumstances.

I am writing to you as a scientist who believes in the value of human
rights to take urgent action to save the life of Dr ATTIA. Please
convey this message to other friends.

Messages of protest pinpointing the contradiction of the treatment
received by Dr ATTIA with the international conventions (above) signed
by Sudan, could be
sent to:

    Lieutenant General Omar Hassan AL-BASHIR
    Head of the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation
urging him to observe Sudan's commitments and to release Dr ATTIA
Please, keep informed, if you take action:
    Professor Mustafa KHOGALI
    Department of Community Medicine
    Faculty of Medicine
    P. O. box 24923
    13110 SAFAT, Kuwait (Telex: 44595 ALRAZI, Fax: 531 8454)
I am sure with our concerted action we shall save Dr ATTIA's life.
Laval University, Quebec.

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