Underground Rhythm Research

Heiner Brinnel BRINNEL at frsun12.bitnet
Mon May 28 04:16:07 EST 1990

>Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a more
>detailed look into the experiment which ended over summer '89 in
>which a woman stayed underground for several months.  The study
>was on circadian rhythms, sleep cycles, and many other things.
>_Newsweek_ was not enough coverage.  Any pointers?
This story had a bitter end: the young woman committed suicide a few
weeks ago. If you wish any further information, you may contact:
Jacques Mouret <MOURET at FRSUN12.bitnet>. Jacques is neurobiologist
(and chronobiologist) and has spent many days and nights recording
sleep patterns in this subject before and after the underground
journey. The official diagnosis after the suicide was that of
depressive disorders. I didn't meet Jacques since then and
therefore don't know his point of view.
You can also write (they're not very thorough netters...):
Dr J. Mouret (or Dr P. Lemoine, his colleague)
Unite Clinique de Biologie Psychiatrique (UCPB)
Hopital du Vinatier
95, bvd Pinel
F-69500 Bron
I hope this helps
Heiner Brinnel, M.D.
Dept of Pathophysiology
B.P. 0116
F-69593 L'Arbresle, France

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